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Secure Delivery Service: Last-Mile Logistics and How to Protect Your Packages

Nearly 50 million Americans were victims of porch piracy in the past year. Porch pirate is the nefarious name given to people who steal delivered packages right off someone's doorstep. And it's becoming increasingly common as eCommerce has grown in popularity. Retailers can get stuck issuing refunds or replacements, resulting in lost revenue and poor customer experience.

Thwarting porch pirates may bring some comedic moments with their glitter bomb videos, seen in popular YouTube channels such as Mark Rober's. However, this doesn't compensate for the immense costs businesses suffer or alleviate customers' frustration due to missed or stolen packages. Another report estimates that globally, over one billion packages were stolen over twelve months resulting in losses just shy of $40 billion. 

Secure delivery methods increase consumers' likelihood of receiving their parcels when they expect them. For last-mile logistics companies worldwide, this means they must find ways to protect customers' goods while still providing a convenient delivery experience.

Ensuring a Secure Delivery Experience

With porch piracy on the rise, logistic operators are turning to secure delivery services to help protect their customers  from theft. Logistics operators can do this by utilizing electronic proof of delivery (EPOD). EPOD solutions equip drivers with devices to capture signatures or pictures, which helps record the time and date of each delivery and confirmation that the recipient has received the package.

Real-time communication is essential to ensure safe and secure deliveries, and it is what customers want. By scheduling deliveries at a safe location or during a specific delivery window and informing customers of their package status, logistic operators can reduce the risk of theft and loss since leaving packages unattended on doorsteps increases the chances of them being targeted by thieves.

Delivery verification comes in different shapes and sizes:

  • Taking a picture of the delivery and sharing it with the customer.
  • Send one-time passwords (OTPs) to customers to verify the handover of goods.
  • Take physical proof of delivery (POD), such as getting the customer's signature/stamp before uploading it into the system as proof.

The best option depends on the customer, nature of goods, value, and delivery location. Logistics operators must have flexible workflows to support secure delivery options and meet their customers' needs. By offering customers delivery verification options, operators can ensure that packages arrive safely and securely at their intended destination.

Configurable Delivery Workflows

Logistics operators find that configurable delivery workflows effectively provide secure and convenient last-mile deliveries. Configurable workflows provide customers with various secure delivery options, including verification, to ensure packages arrive safely and securely at their intended destination. They allow operators to tailor their deliveries based on various factors, such as the type of goods, the package's value, and the delivery's location. By customizing their delivery options to match the specific needs of their customers, operators can improve their service and enhance their customers' experience.

OS1 offers electronic proof of delivery functionalities such as signatures and pictures, making protecting packages easier and ensuring they reach their intended destination safely. Thanks to its customizable delivery workflow feature, logistics companies can decide which proof of delivery methods best suit different shipping services. 

Our intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to configure your delivery workflows, allowing business owners to prioritize their other tasks with ease and peace of mind knowing that their deliveries are taken care of securely.

Choose OS1 for Secure Delivery Services

OS1 also offers real-time track and trace capabilities, providing real-time centralized visibility of overall company resources no matter where they are located. This makes monitoring deliveries easier, quickly identifying issues, and taking necessary action.

Overall, with the help of secure delivery systems like OS1, businesses can protect their valuable assets during transport while ensuring prompt customer service. The ability to customize the proof of delivery methods and track resources in real time makes OS1 an ideal partner for last-mile logistics and secure delivery services